But I woke up knowing that I still want this, that little by little I am understanding these moments of uncertainty as the moments for me to get out of my comfort zone and stop making excuses or placing the blame in someone else.

An olive branch for things left unsaid

This love-hate relationship with language has everything to do with the power of words. It lives inside our heads and promises to be tamed through patience, love, endurance, passion and sacrifice. Just a little control over it is enough to incite a strange impulse on me. I wish to convey my thoughts fully, and transmit the emotion inside of me with just the right phrase. No small thing left unsaid. I jump at the opportunity without being ready, and I usually drown, take people along to this weird dance of meaning.

Highway to somewhere

My father told me this morning that, after three months of fear-mongering speculation coming from all fronts, we find ourselves as confused as in the beginning of February. “Everyone has something to say, no one can really say what’s up, and everything we think we know has been put to the test”. This is uttered…… Continue reading Highway to somewhere

Before the oracle, with the flowers

Photography: Cody Chan, Unsplash

Where July felt restless and exploitative, August so far has made itself felt with its small doses of cathartic releases throughout these days of diminishing heat. The heat is still there, though, in all manners of speech. There is no more scorching self-doubt, but rather an abundance of small fires kindling together a dark moor…… Continue reading Before the oracle, with the flowers

Ways to remember a person you love and cannot see everyday

Photo: Ant Rozetsky

So he, she, they are gone. They are probably loving you somewhere and having a good time anyway. It is what it is and there is really no need to fret on that too much. You wouldn’t like for them to be bitter or anxious. You, after all, love them. So swallow that bittersweet pill…… Continue reading Ways to remember a person you love and cannot see everyday

The suit of cups

I was thinking about how everything has subtly changed during the last year and the way things have become replaced and renewed and revealed as actually being always there, waiting for their time to attach themselves to a tender side of your memory. Over the course of a few months, I have lost people, convictions,…… Continue reading The suit of cups