Postcard for a colleague at work. She went visit her sister, who lives at Riviera Maya, after a long time without seeing each other. She gave some photos of the family and I really liked one in particular. She loved the result and we included the postcard along with the collage of all the photos.… Continue reading Sister

IMI Calendar

Starting 2019, and with the new modifications to the different departments at Tec de Monterrey, I was given the responsibility to aid the Music Studies department with the promotion of their events. It was decided to try a smaller format than posters, with medium sized calendars for the students to grab at offices, cafeterias and… Continue reading IMI Calendar

60 years of literature

I was part of the organizing committee in charge of the celebratory events that, throughout 2018, commemorated the 60 years of the Hispanic Literature Studies department. I was in charge of designing the posters and website, as well as inviting professors and former and current students to the different events of the year. At the… Continue reading 60 years of literature


Postcard for my boyfriend. With all my love, of course. Collage with one of the Danish national flowers, the bikes and the towers and the ships, with a small nice and a big wink for him. Effects from the Guerrillacraft’s Alternative Printmaker pack. Big thanks to Elsa, from Imix&Co, for her print recommendations; she suggested… Continue reading København

Master Class

Once every semester, the department of Hispanic Literature Studies invites a special guest for a Master Class focused on the areas of publishing, philology, history or women studies. Despite the wide range of topics, the design has maintained its basic structure – a window like space in the center to highlight the visual aspect of… Continue reading Master Class

Creative Sundays

Sunday workshops for high school students during the January-May semester. Each class focused on either creative writing or book discussions. Sábados creativos Diseño de promoción para los talleres que se organizaron durante los sábados del semestre Enero-Mayo 2019. El público meta fueron estudiantes de las distintas Prepas Tec en Monterrey. Cada clase se enfocó en… Continue reading Creative Sundays

LH Magazine

Proposal for a bimonthly magazine with updates of events organized by the Department of Hispanic Literature Studies. The magazine would include a news bulletin, a creative section and an interview section. Revista LH Propuesta para una revista bimensual con actualizaciones sobre los eventos de la carrera de Letras Hispánicas del Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey.… Continue reading LH Magazine


Poster proposal for a student book club centered on philosophical discussions. CLEF is focused on creating a friendly space for the debate of literature that has been branded as pretentious or difficult to grasp. Monthly discussions are spiced up with curious facts, biographies and recommendations to create an stimulating ambience for constructive criticism. Círculo de… Continue reading CLEF