Poster proposal for a student book club centered on philosophical discussions. CLEF is focused on creating a friendly space for the debate of literature that has been branded as pretentious or difficult to grasp. Monthly discussions are spiced up with curious facts, biographies and recommendations to create an stimulating ambience for constructive criticism.

Círculo de Lectura Filosófica

Propuesta para CLEF, un club de lectura estudiantil centrado en discusiones sobre textos filosóficos. El objetivo del club es crear un espacio abierto para el debate de literatura que por mucho tiempo ha sido considerada como pretenciosa o difícil de leer. Las juntas mensuales son complementadas con datos curiosos, biografías y recomendaciones, para crear un ambiente de crítica constructiva.

By fannyesquivel

Graphic designer with a BA in Hispanic Literature. Loves lemons, reading Brontë novels and podcasts, all in detriment of her teeth, eyes and ears. She nevertheless maintains her weird charm intact for special occasions.