Postcard for my boyfriend. With all my love, of course.

Collage with one of the Danish national flowers, the bikes and the towers and the ships, with a small nice and a big wink for him. Effects from the Guerrillacraft’s Alternative Printmaker pack. Big thanks to Elsa, from Imix&Co, for her print recommendations; she suggested a beautiful opaline with wave textures for the final product. I will try to include one picture of that print later on.


Postal para mi novio. Con todo mi amor, por supuesto.

Collage con una de las flores representativas de Dinamarca, las bicicletas en las calles, sus barcos y sus torres. Con un nice allá arriba, para él. Efectos del paquete de Guerrillacraft. Muchas gracias a Elsa de Imix&Co por sus recomendaciones; me sugirió una opalina preciosa con textura de olas para el producto final. Trataré de incluir una foto del producto final en el portafolio.

By fannyesquivel

Graphic designer with a BA in Hispanic Literature. Loves lemons, reading Brontë novels and podcasts, all in detriment of her teeth, eyes and ears. She nevertheless maintains her weird charm intact for special occasions.